We provide a comprehensive educational stimulation programme with
fun activities for use by busy parents and teachers of children from birth up to 7 years of age.

Our kit comprises of a set of printed user guides that explain what to teach your child and when to do it,
plus a complete set of toys that are integrated with the books.

Die Practica Program is ook volledig in AFRIKAANS beskikbaar.

The Practica Programme consists of:

1. The complete set of 8 Practica Parents’
Guides covering the 14 Fundamental Areas of
Development from birth to 23 months (1060 game ideas)
and thousands of ideas covering the 50 School
Readiness Skills (2 to 7 years).

2. A wooden toy box (40 kg) with the essential
educational toys needed for the child’s first 7 years,
uniquely designed and selected for integration with the

3. Access to the Practica Advisory Service.

4. Red Flag Assessments for all your children.

5. A School Readiness Assessment for each child.

6. Newsletters that support cultivating an educational

7. Training available only to registered Practica Parents.

Reasons to Invest in the Practica Programme:

Have one plan

There are so many websites, books and apps available on the topic of brain development that parents and caregivers feel overwhelmed. Nowadays, everyone values one comprehensive plan of action that is both effective and based on solid research. It’s motivating to know why you play a certain game at a certain age and where it fits into the big picture. Read more

See the big picture

By the time parents take their 6 year-old for a school readiness test, most discover for the first time what he was supposed to have learnt and how they could have helped him earlier on.

This is very unfortunate since parents and caregivers can easily use games from birth to 2 years of age to develop Practica’s 14 fundamental skills, and then from a child’s second birthday, build the 50 school readiness skills that are essential for being ready to learn and compete in the sports arena at school going age. Read more

Save money

R10595 is a big investment. However, it is equivalent to R1400 a year or R120 a month.

This is reasonable, considering what you will be getting for your investment and what you will be adding to your child’s quality of life by developing the 50 school readiness skills in him.

Also, bear in mind that parents typically buy toys anyway, without knowing what to do with them. And, you will be using one kit for all your children. Read more

Track the milestones

Most parents come across “red flag milestones” as they search the internet. These milestones create an awareness of what a baby should have mastered at a certain age. We use them as a framework for detecting developmental delays so that parents can provide early intervention where necessary.

However, we also LOVE the “green-flag milestones”. These are the markers that tell parents what a child is capable of learning next so that they can play games to practise the upcoming skills ahead of time and so give their children a head start.
Read more

Do what’s important

Young children develop so quickly that there is no time for finding games that are the cream of the crop and well-balanced for stimulating every developmental area at every age. Practica’s uncomplicated framework is invaluable as it covers all the bases and parents can focus their attention on what is important. Read more

Spend quality time

With only 30 minutes of reading, you get a clear picture of what you can expect to see as your child develops during the coming month and, at the same time, plan your games in advance. As you read, you simply choose the activities that you will be doing to achieve the various outcomes. And so, you spend far less time planning and more time actually engaging with your child. Read more

Homeschooling and the 50 School Readiness Skills

Since 1993 tens of thousands of Practica families have been using Practica for homeschooling purposes, while others have been sending their children to nursery school during the week whilst playing Practica’s games after school and over weekends to augment their children’s development with more focused one-on-one attention.

The Practica Programme has stood the test of time because of its unique structure and playful, yet structured approach.

Following a daily or weekly lesson plan that isn’t presented as part of a clearly defined framework is demotivating because you end up feeling as if you’re going around in circles.

In contrast, Practica’s activities links to recognised developmental progressions to create one encompassing plan of action for developing your child in all areas, with clearly defined goals.

Knowing WHY you do things puts you in control of how you wire your child’s brain at every age.

Everything you do adds to your goal of systematically developing:

  • The complete set of 14 Fundamental Development Skills from birth to 23 months, and
  • The complete set of 50 School Readiness Skills between 2 and 7 years of age.

These 50 brain tools develop simultaneously as a child’s brain is wired from birth to 7 years of age.

Children naturally like to play games that they excel in, while activities that require using other developmental areas, which they are genetically weaker in, fall behind. This happens over time because children aren’t naturally interested in developing their weaker skills. And, to top it all, children and parents often share weaknesses.

This is why the Practica Programme provides a comprehensive kit, with all the toys and activities needed to monitor and develop every developmental area at every age.

The integration between Practica’s toys and the activities in the Parents’ Guide makes it easy to mix and match parts of toys to create enough games for developing everything at every age.

Parents love having a comprehensive kit because:

1. Having everything at hand results in spending minimal time on preparation.

2. A single, once off investment sets you up to support all your children.

3. Practica’s unique structure makes it possible to cover the complete set of 50 School Readiness Skills every week without spending more than an hour on structured activities a day. This will be 20 minutes if your children attend a preschool and you are therefore not homeschooling.

4. Constantly seeing the big picture of your child’s development enables you to adapt Practica’s activities to everyday situations so that you always have something fun to do.

5. You can get a sense of your child’s progress and adapt to his or her unique pace in different developmental areas by simply paying attention to how easy or difficult he or she finds the different kinds of activities. (No pressure or tests.)

The benefit of this level of control is that it enables you to pick up on inborn talents and weaker areas so that you can pay special attention to areas where your child may either be gifted, or in need of extra attention.

It’s impossible to monitor how each of the 50 school readiness skills develops in every individual child in schools and playgroups of 10 to 20 learners.

Children are understandably expected to adapt to the pace of the group.

In short: the 50 School Readiness Skills can only be optimally activated with age-appropriate, high-level, one-on-one activities.

Our goal is to help you to fully activate each of the 50 School Readiness Skills in your child to an excellent level during the first 7 years of life, when his or her brain development is most impressionable.

The programme is fully comprehensive up to Grade R level. However, if you’re planning to homeschool, please bear in mind that there are 4 learning experiences that will not automatically be covered by following the basic structure of the Practica Programme.

Homeschoolers therefore also need to provide the following:

1. Opportunities to play with other children in parallel-, associative- and cooperative play from 30 months onwards.

2. A daily musical experience where you spend a minimum of 5 minutes moving to the rhythm of musical recordings, singing together and/or listening to different genres.

3. Storytime and/or reading at least one storybook every day.

4. A focused approach to building your child’s general knowledge and religious experience against the backdrop of your child’s interests and your family’s culture and beliefs.

The Advisory Service is available to registered Practica Parents to help structure the above.

The Advisory Service ensures that you are always supported.

We provide practical advice, telephonic Red Flag Screens at any age from birth to 7, extra activities when needed, training and a school readiness test for each of your children, administered by registered therapists.

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