Have you ever wondered whether there may be a practical way to earn more money and spend more time with your family at the same time?

Starting a business is always an option.

But, it’s not easy.

Parents who want to connect with other parents often come up with highly creative business ideas only to find that it’s numbing and debilitating to dive into the red tape and financial risk that a new start-up requires.



The good news is that we offer the perfect opportunity for you to have the income and the lifestyle of a business owner, without 80% of the schlep.

Practica is a well-established brand with a tried-and-tested product that has changed the lives of many tens of thousands of families since its inception in 1993. We’ve worked very hard to build a trusted brand, infrastructure and a welcoming culture. In fact, by now, we’re experts at many levels.

It’s taken us many years to learn the ropes of how to share our platform and our knowledge without robbing parents of the freedom that they desire, but … drum-roll … we are finally fully geared to offer a very specific kind of business opportunity.

It’s not for everyone. This opportunity is for you if:

  • You want to focus on learning practical income generating skills while creating a stream of income that can quickly replace your current income.
  • You want to invest your efforts and passion into promoting a tried-and-tested product with a solid reputation that truly transforms lives.
  • You want to set your own goals, grow at your own pace and get exactly the amount of support, guidance and training that you need as you go along.



You don’t have to join us full-time. In fact, we’re looking forward to helping you progress from earning an extra income to being financially independent at your own pace.

The in-depth, practical training in child development and the skills in sales and management that you will be gaining both formally and practically will come at a fraction of the costs that you would have to incur if you studied anywhere else.

Parents love to connect with other parents and, when you think about it, you already know many parents who can benefit from your decision to join us. Our training and encouragement will make it more fun and more effective for you to tap into your social network.

We respect the fact that you may be totally new to selling something to someone and that you may feel a little awkward regardless of how amazing the product may be. That’s why we’ve developed a digital version of the sales demonstration to help you get the message across.

Best of all, the start-up cost of becoming a member of the Practica Partners in Business Community is only R14 995, and this includes a Practica Set, your sales kit and training.

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