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Adapting to a new school or nanny

  Is your child struggling to adapt to a new caregiver?     Here’s good news: pictures are powerful and there’s a way to make them work for you.   A recent study at McGill University (see link below) has once again proven the power of visualization when a group of students radically increased the […]

A great tip for dealing with BIG change!

 Example of a page from a personalised bookDesign by Loren Stow  When you know your child is going to experience a big change, such as starting a new school, moving house, or the arrival of a new sibling, there is a creative and effective idea that has worked well for many moms and […]

How to fill your child’s ‘love tank’

  As parents, we do our very best for our children, actively giving them everything we believe they need… and more. So, the idea that their ‘love tanks’ may sometimes be running low is not only hard to believe, but it flies in the face of the love we express for them daily through our words […]