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Dads Matter

Speak to expecting fathers and you will undoubtedly find that today’s dads are far more eager to be actively involved in their children’s lives right from birth than fathers from previous generations. Yet, many of their good intentions and noble expectations seem to be quickly smothered and written off as idealistic after the baby is […]

The “Dad-Manual”

The “Dad-Manual” Dads are so important in their children’s lives – from day one (if you missed the post on why dads are so important, go here). However, many dads don’t know what is expected of them, or how to be their best. Don’t worry! All parents – moms and dads alike – struggle to […]

The “Dad-Factor”

The “Dad-Factor” There is no doubt that moms and dads instinctively do things differently. I know that in my interactions with my children, I tend to choose to sing to them, read to them, hold them gently and generally be soft and loving. My husband, however, naturally creates fun and challenges our children. He throws them […]