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How to Build a Solid Understanding of Numbers

How to Build a Solid Understanding of Numbers Learning to count from one to ten, and later to a hundred, is an important milestone in early math development. However, it’s equally important to learn to understand the “how manyness” or the value that every number represents. Teachers and therapists refer to this important school readiness skill as number […]

Birth to 24 months: 14 Fundamental Areas of Development

It’s uninspiring when an educational programme considers only the most basic areas of development. Children learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time in life, simply because the plasticity of the human brain decreases with age. In other words, the younger your child, the greater an enriched environment will impact on […]

How physical exercise increases maths scores!

We’ve all heard, somewhere along the line, that exercise is good for us. Every parent would agree, in theory, that children should be encouraged to be physically active. Yet, few make it a family priority. Here is a study that should provide us with the necessary motivation to get moving! A group of 171 children, […]

The Practical Fruits of Early Music Exposure

The Practical Fruits of Early Music Exposure In last week’s post we discussed the Magic of Music (if you missed it, go here), and in this post, we wanted to list the fascinating benefits that music has on various areas of your child’s development. Mathematics: Music changes the way neurons fire in your brain, after approximately […]

The Magic of Music

  Music is so intrinsic in our lives, and has been for centuries. No one can deny the power that music has to elicit emotions and affect our mood. Music is an art form that has no other use except as a means of self-expression and self-actualisation. But unlike a painting which stands still, music is an art that […]