The Practica Programme


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The Practica Programme

Why parents need special educational tools:

Some of the most effective educational games can be played without any apparatus, and two-thirds of the activities in the Practica Parents’ Guide don’t ask for the use of toys or tools. Yet, we won’t be able to attend to ALL the areas of development at every age from birth to 7 years of age with absolutely no toys or tools! The educational apparatus included in the Practica Toy Box are a collection of the things that you really can’t be without.

Also included in the price of the set is access to the Practica Advisory Service as well as a free School Readiness Assessment for your child at the age of 4 years.*

*Please be advised that the free School Readiness Assessments are arranged in South Africa ONLY. Please send an email to if you have any questions regarding the School Readiness Assessments.


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