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Practica Activity – How to Teach Spatial Words.

Practica Activity – How to Teach Spatial Words. The Practica Programme is intended to be used as a “lifestyle”. It’s not simply a curriculum. In fact, there’s a lot of emphasis on taking advantage of everyday situations to maximise a child’s brain development. Over and above the activities designed to be used with the many […]

Television – The Great Thief

  I have been rather afraid of writing this post, because it is without a doubt going to be rather difficult for many parents to swallow. The important thing, however, is to tell the truth (no matter how ugly), because our philosophy at Practically Speaking is that “when we know better, we do better”. So, stick […]

The Magic of Music

  Music is so intrinsic in our lives, and has been for centuries. No one can deny the power that music has to elicit emotions and affect our mood. Music is an art form that has no other use except as a means of self-expression and self-actualisation. But unlike a painting which stands still, music is an art that […]

“N” is for Naming-The-World

You know it’s important to give your baby the names for things (like dog, cat, bath, water, ball etc), and that when they reach toddler-hood they literally demand the names for things… but you’re not to sure why this is so important and how much of a difference it can make to your child’s development. […]