“Don’t be afraid to fall in love with something and pursue it with intensity” ~E. Paul Torrance

You may have seen enough to know that the Practica Programme is an excellent product, but you may be wondering about a few things:

  • Will I over-stimulate my child?
  • Will the programme fit into my busy lifestyle?
  • Will I really USE the programme?


Will I over-stimulate my child?

If you imagine yourself sitting your baby down and teaching him a list of things until he is upset and over-stimulated, you have the wrong impression of what the Practica Programme is all about.

Babies are over-stimulated when they are exposed to too much sensory input, plainly because a baby’s immature nervous system still needs lots of time to process the information that it receives from his eyes, ears, skin and movement receptors throughout the day. The key to creating a brain-building environment for babies without ‘overloading’ them is to spread your activities throughout the day and choose the activities carefully, making sure that they are age-appropriate and not too much at once. There are 1060 of these specially selected ‘short and sweet’ activities for you to choose from in the Parents’ Guide during the first 24 months of your child’s life!


Will the programme fit into my busy lifestyle?

The Practica Programme is all about making the most of everyday opportunities.

You will be interacting with your child as you go through your daily activities, such as the daily bath, feeding, dressing, driving around and naturally talking to him. You’ll be reading a few pages from the Parents’ Guide per week or per month, before applying the ideas and the insights that you have gained to make the most of the time that you spend on these daily rituals anyway.


Will I really USE the programme?

Some people like to spend time with children; others find it difficult. Yet, everyone finds it easier to enter into a child’s world with ‘inside information’ on what a child of that age typically likes to do.

We do advise parents to start with the programme when their children are still young. Since children naturally respond better to age-appropriate activities, both the parent and the child send and receive positive messages about each other when they are having fun together. It is definitely more difficult to create a positive and fun-filled atmosphere in a home when the parents and children have had many disappointing prior experiences with each other over a number of years.


The benefits:

You’ll spend better quality time with your child. Practica parents can turn even the most ordinary situation into an interactive learning experience.

Other adults in your child life, who may not find it easy to relate to young children, can now also use the Practica games to connect with him on his level! This way your child gets even more positive messages about himself and he benefits from spending quality time with more people.

Older children are over-stimulated when parents expect too much. Knowledge is the key here. Again, all the Practica activities are age-appropriate, even those that call for the use of the educational equipment from the toy box, so you will never expect too much (or too little) from your child.