How to Talk to Build Your Child’s Spirit

Photography: Loren Stow The words we choose to use when communicating with our loved ones have a profound impact on them and the atmosphere in your home. But sometimes it is difficult to know the ‘best’ way to phrase something, or how to give constructive criticism without hurting those we love. When it comes to […]

A Mother’s Touch…

  I believe that parents instinctively know that touch is not only soothing for their children, but that it also communicates love on a profound level. A caress of the cheek, a long and deep-felt hug, or rubbing a scraped knee – certain kinds of touch tell your child that they are loved and secure. […]

“N” is for Naming-The-World

You know it’s important to give your baby the names for things (like dog, cat, bath, water, ball etc), and that when they reach toddler-hood they literally demand the names for things… but you’re not to sure why this is so important and how much of a difference it can make to your child’s development. […]

Living in the Moment

Living in the Moment Because of the way their brains are wired, babies and young children live from moment to moment and consequently have little concern for what’s going to happen later or what happened earlier. For them it’s all about now. As adults, living in the moment can be very difficult to achieve… in fact there are entire philosophies […]

Fertile Ground – how your baby’s brain grows and develops

In the spirit of the Lizette’s years of searching and gaining knowledge, we thought it would be apt to start our blog off with a post on how your baby’s brain is wired. To understand this could change the way you view your role as parent forever. In fact, it is only in recent years […]


Welcome to the Practically Speaking Blog, a place where we want parents to come to share, connect and learn more about their children by understanding their child’s inner world. Haven’t you often wished you could find out what your child was thinking, why they do certain things or refuse to do others? Well, we kind […]