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Boosting you Child’s Social Skills: How Photographs can Help

Boosting you Child’s Social Skills: How Photographs can Help Photographs have a way of capturing important moments and letting them live forever.  They have stories to tell and feelings are embedded in them. That’s why many people use something called “therapeutic photography” as a bridge to connect with their thoughts, memories and feelings. The wonderful thing […]

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The Why’s and How’s of Picture Books

The Why’s and How’s of Picture Books Children benefit in a myriad of ways when parents read story books to them. But what about picture books? Think about the ones that display the meaning of words in the form of drawings or pictures – like the one in the Practica set. Why is a book like that valuable, […]

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Talk Summary

We hope that you enjoyed your time with us during your antenatal class and we are so pleased to be able to give you some more in depth information about the topics we touched on during the talk. Here is the information and the links to the songs, as promised! For more information, contact us on […]

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Is your child watching too much television?

  Is your child watching too much television? Ask any American doctor whether babies and toddlers should watch television and he will most likely tell you what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends: no television before the age of two and older children, at most, can spend one to two hours a day on educational screen-based activities. This includes […]


The Muscle Memory involved in Parenting

Picture from When writer Loren Stow launched the Practica blog back in 2010, we decided to call it “Practically Speaking” and to sign off each post with Maya Angelou’s famous words: “Parents who know better, do better”. I loved the idea and I still do. The reason why I’m mentioning this is because I […]


Bloggy Break

Like the rest of the country, Practically Speaking will be taking a holiday break! Our blog will remain accessible, but we will not be posting any new articles until the 14th of January 2011. We will be sure to send a mail to everyone again in the New Year as our first article goes up. In the […]