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Reading Together Fosters Love and Learning

Reading to a child communicates love and acceptance to a child primarily in two ways: firstly, through physical touch and, secondly through sharing an experience that fosters emotional closeness. We’ve written before in this blog about just how important love is to learning – it is the ‘thing’ that makes all learning stick.  The beauty of […]

How to fill your child’s ‘love tank’

  As parents, we do our very best for our children, actively giving them everything we believe they need… and more. So, the idea that their ‘love tanks’ may sometimes be running low is not only hard to believe, but it flies in the face of the love we express for them daily through our words […]

Creating Happy and Whole Little People

  As a child, my mother used to explain self-esteem to me as such – we are all like trees. Some of us are Pine Trees; straight, organised and neat. While others are like Thorn Trees; a bit rugged, uneven and disorganised. While both trees are so different, they each have their own unique beauty […]