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A few tips from Lizette – 5 Things I have learnt over the years about disciplining children

A few tips from Lizette – 5 Things I have learnt over the years about disciplining children “A true hero is not someone who thinks about doing what is right, but one that simply does what is right without thinking!” -Kevin Heath  With this in mind, I thought I’d share five things that I have […]

How to Discipline Like a Therapist

How to Discipline Like a Therapist   The very first thing to keep in mind is that discipline is not something that is done TO a child, but rather something that a parent helps to develop WITHIN a child. To do this, we need to constantly work at teaching our children to learn to understand […]

Top Tips for Good Behaviour

Why is it that some people bring out the best in children? What is so different about them that little ones seem to genuinely WANT to please them and enthusiastically do what they say? Inborn temperament certainly plays a role. Consistency and self-confidence also make a difference. Yet, the crucial factor is that these special people have learned to think about and talk to children in a special way. Luckily, these ways of […]

How to arm yourself for parenting in public

  It’s murphy’s law that as soon as you come across another mother of four amazing, well-behaved children in the isles of Woolies, floating along on an aura of complete calm and composure… your (*ahem*… quiet and reserved) toddler will have a complete temper tantrum over the fact that you will not let them have the entire sweet […]

How to discipline your child – part 5

  Let’s set a scene that I am sure many parents have experienced before… It’s Monday evening, and after a long and stressful day you’re trying to prepare dinner or are tidying the house before bedtime. Your toddler is nagging behind you. You do not have the energy for confrontation, so you’re hoping they will forget what […]

How to discipline your child – part 4

In our last post, we discussed how words alone are simply not an effective means of discipline. This is because a small child’s world is based on their immediate and physical experience. Words alone will not change a young child’s behaviour. 

However, words are very important when it comes to explaining just why the cookie is […]

How to discipline your child – part 2

HOW TO DISCIPLINE YOUR CHILD – PART 2 You’ve heard it before – every single piece of literature on discipline contains the word ‘consistency’. Yet it is something that is surprisingly difficult to achieve … and many people wonder how important it is anyway? The answer is that consistency is more important than most parents realize. In fact, if […]