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3 Tips On How To Calm An Angry Child

3 Tips On How To Calm An Angry Child In a previous post called “The Two Kinds of Tantrums” we described how certain tantrums require that parents move towards their children to help them to deal with their overwhelming emotions, while the second kind of tantrum requires that parents move away from their child. With […]

The 10 Things Children REALLY Want From Their Parents

The 10 Things Children REALLY Want From Their Parents In our world today, parents can often feel that they are not being good parents unless their children have access to countless battery-operated toys, or even more extra-mural activities and sports to choose from. The result is a parent who is running from pillar to post […]

How to Keep Sane When the Going Gets Tough

  Being a parent is certainly a challenging undertaking, especially since most children can push the boundaries and be emotionally-charged at times. Nowadays, it seems as if the concept of ‘good’ parenting is forever changing, depending on which expert is doing the talking. This is because the very context in which parenting takes place (our cultures, society and the global community), is […]

A great tip for dealing with BIG change!

 Example of a page from a personalised bookDesign by Loren Stow  When you know your child is going to experience a big change, such as starting a new school, moving house, or the arrival of a new sibling, there is a creative and effective idea that has worked well for many moms and […]

How to fill your child’s ‘love tank’

  As parents, we do our very best for our children, actively giving them everything we believe they need… and more. So, the idea that their ‘love tanks’ may sometimes be running low is not only hard to believe, but it flies in the face of the love we express for them daily through our words […]

Maintaining a Sense of Routine in the Holidays

Image: Loren Stow The holidays are a time when we have all the time in the world (for a week or two) to spend with our families. Sometimes we go on holiday, other times we stay at home, and other times we invite family to stay with us… Holidays are treasured by most as an […]