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Why and How to Develop Visual Memory in Your Child

Why and How to Develop Visual Memory in Your Child The term “visual memory” refers to a person’s ability to store and recall information that was seen. It’s an essential school readiness skill because it’s crucial for learning to read fluently, spell correctly and thriving in a classroom situation. Therapists differentiate between long-term and short-term visual memory. Working […]

Why we like Disney Books

Watching television dulls babies’ brains. In 2009, France’s broadcasting authority banned the airing of all television, including advertising, aimed at babies and toddlers. They warned: “Television viewing hurts the development of children under 3 years old and poses a certain number of risks, encouraging passivity, slow language acquisition, over-excitedness, troubles with sleep and concentration, as […]

A Book is More than the Sum Total of its Pages

  Books are often seen as ‘old fashioned’ and parents are tempted to replace them with seemingly more modern stimulation, such as television, DVDs, video games, computers, and battery-operated toys with moving parts and flashing lights… The difference between reading and these ‘new and improved’ types of stimulation, is that reading (and story-telling) will always be the number one activity that […]