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Keep up the Good Work!

  By the time Practica Children enter pre-school they typically enjoy every minute of the experience. In light of this their parents can be forgiven for thinking that their job is done and that it’s time to pass the baton on to the pre-school teacher. It’s important to keep in mind that the human brain can store far less information than an […]

Teaching your child to follow directions

We all know what it’s like to ask our little one to do something, and they carry on as if they’ve never heard us or can’t understand what we’re saying. However, it’s important for children to be able to follow instructions – whether its a request or a warning for their safety – by the time they […]

10 Easy-Peasy Everyday Reading Ideas

Image Source: Our last post was about the importance of early reading (if you missed it, go here), and today we’re sharing some simple and inspiring tips that can make practicing reading simple, as long as you recognise the opportunities! 1. Set the scene for Dreamland: Help your child to wind down at bedtime […]

The 3 Secrets of Early Reading

The 3 Secrets of Early Reading I remember as a little girl that I loved to read – I would even pretend to read my mother stories that I had learned to memorise. When I learned to write, my love of words was further extended, and I would re-write by hand poems and songs that I […]

The Brain-Heart Connection

In last week’s post we discussed School Readiness (if you missed the post go here), and today we are delving a bit deeper into the practical steps you can take to ensure your child is as school-ready as possible. Firstly, it is interesting to understand the physical make-up of your child’s brain. According to Mike Bruton […]

School Readiness

School Readiness What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘School Readiness’? I know that in my mind I think of giving my child a head start, maybe trying to teach him how to read before school… maybe some counting too… the overwhelmed part of me also considers ‘putting it off’ until he’s older and big enough to […]