Bullying…what’s your role?


Bullying damages the physical, social, and emotional well-being of its victims. It also hurts the children who bully, as well as those who watch it happen.

In fact, bullying creates a climate of fear, callousness, and disrespect for everyone involved. Bullying begins in the preschool years, peaks in early adolescence, and continues, but with less frequency, into the high school years. But bullying does NOT have to be a part of growing up.

Over the past two decades, what we know about bullying—who is involved, where, when, and why it occurs, and the situations that allow it to spread—has increased tremendously. This knowledge has helped researchers develop new and useful strategies that both children and adults can use to intervene effectively and, better yet, prevent bullying before it ever occurs.

Our blog now includes a new section called “Free Printables”. From here parents can download free printable activities and information straight to their computer/devices.  Today’s post includes a free printable toolkit!  The Eyes on Bullying Toolkit was developed and written by Kim Storey, Ron Slaby, Melanie Adler, Jennifer Minotti, and Rachel Katz, at Education Development Center, Inc. 
The toolkit will help you:
  1. Understand the extent, seriousness, and dynamics of bullying.
  2. Recognize and respond early and effectively to behaviours that can lead to bullying
  3. Learn about new, effective strategies for controlling bullying.
  4. Prepare children to recognize and respond effectively to early bullying behaviour
  5. Teach children how everyone—bullies, victims, bystanders, and supportive adults—can help control bullying.
  6. Create an environment where everyone understands that bullying behaviours are unacceptable, harmful, and preventable.
  7. Empower yourself and children to actively intervene to prevent and stop bullying.

Words by eyesonbullying.org

When we know better… we do better

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