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As parents we are facing a time in history where the role of the parent is being downplayed by the advent of technology to make your life easier. You can buy a machine to make and freeze baby food, a chair that rocks your baby for you, a weighted pillow in the shape of a hand that mimics your hand on your baby’s sleeping body, books where you can record your voice reading to your child…

These products all have one thing in common – but by promising to make the parent’s life easier by ‘taking the parent’s place’ what they are actually saying is that a parent’s role is so unimportant that a clever design and set of batteries can replace it.

This, thankfully, is not true. Nothing can take your place. Nothing can be invented or designed to offer what a real, and loving, parent can.

With this in mind is today’s inspirational quote – because you really matter to your children!

Image: Loren Stow
“No one has more potential to influence your child than you. We need to remember that our influence has more to do with our relationships with our children than it does our skills as parents.”
– Reggie Joinuer & Carey Nieuwof
The Practica Team
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