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In a previous post, we discussed how middle ear infection can affect your child. The effects are often overlooked or unknown, and so we really felt passionate about sharing this with you, as a parent – if you missed the post, go here.

Today, we’re looking at a communication¬†‘Emergency Kit’ – ways in which you can communicate with your child while they have this kind of infection, to ensure that you are maximising their ability to understand you. Please remember that fluid can remain on the ear for up to six weeks after the cold or allergy has been treated.

Sourced from an article written by Shannan H. Vines and Jo Rosenthal-Tanzer, both speech therapists, entitled Otitis Media and Speech and Language Development:

Structure the environment to help your child listen and learn by doing the following things:

  • Get your child’s attention before you begin talking. Call your child’s name, tap your child’s shoulder, or say “Look at me”.
  • Use gestures and facial expressions to help convey your meaning.
  • Get down to your child’s eye level.
  • Emphasize word endings that may be difficult for your child to hear.
  • Reduce background noise. Turn off the television and radio. Quiet other children playing in the room.
  • Reduce physical activities during the communication process.

By doing these things, you are creating the ideal environment for your child to understand you and you will be minimising the possible negative effects that this kind of infection will have on your child’s language development.

Words: Loren Stow
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