Practica Programme Apparatus Blog Post Series – Wooden Block Set

The Practica Programme provides more than 4000 age-appropriate activity ideas for children from birth up to 7 years of age.

The kit is packaged in a wooden toy box that includes a set of 8 User Guides and 28 sets of carefully selected sets of educational apparatus.


It’s the most comprehensive educational home programme available.

It’s amazing to think that every little component in the big box was carefully selected to complement the rest with one goal in mind: to create a perfectly balanced home system for developing every single school readiness skill throughout the formative years with fun and games – starting at infancy.

In fact, the combination of the age-appropriate activities in the user’s guides and the apparatus in the box makes the kit so comprehensive that it even encompasses the development of the complete set of 21st century skills from the first year of life!


There’s no need to set aside a fixed amount of time for using the programme every day.

 The system has been used with great success since 1993 without putting pressure on parents to adhere to a fixed schedule.


Practica shapes itself around your unique child and your lifestyle.

The unique structure of the programme allows you to choose any number of age-appropriate activities, as time permits. You will pick up on possible problem areas by watching how your child responds to different kinds of activities. Then, simply address them by playing more of those games to fill the gaps: in your own time and at your child’s pace.


Practica is a key to spending your time more wisely.

Parents who enjoy doing things with their children find that their investment in Practica helps them to achieve more in the time the spend with their children all along over time.


The equipment is of the very best quality.

The equipment is similar to what therapists use in their practices. And, to add value, you’ll be using each of the components numerous times and in different ways and combinations with other toys to develop various skills over time.


Parents often ask for more detailed information about the individual toys.

In response, we are launching a blogpost series to give a short description of each of the different components. And, we will be including a short video with each post to increase the fun factor!


Let’s start off by taking a closer look at the Wooden Block Set.


What does the Wooden Block Set contain?

40 Graded Instruction Cards

30 Coloured Wooden Blocks


What does the Wooden Block Set aim to develop in a child?

  • Pre-reading
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • Pre-writing
  • Pre-math
  • Reasoning from 2D to 3D
  • Spatial Relations Skills.


Playing with wooden blocks is a wonderfully hands-on way to learn.

The Wooden Block Set will be used in conjunction with the User Guides to create age-appropriate opportunities for your little one to master completing tasks step-by-step, making sense of visual information and expressing creativity whilst discovering important mathematical concepts.

The set is naturally also ideal for use in free play, which in turn develops social skills and builds character in children.


The Practica Programme has been helping tens-of-thousands of parents since 1993.

Our goal has always been and remains to make it as easy as possible for parents to connect with their children in a constructive way and build their brains so that they can enjoy life more and shine more brightly at school and in the sports arena.


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