Six Tips for Surviving and Having Fun at Baby Expo’s.

Six Tips for Surviving and Having Fun at Baby Expo’s.

It’s always nice to feel that people are catering specifically to your needs, and that’s exactly what Baby Expo’s aim to do for parents. What’s more, the first years go by so quickly that the special events that you’ve shared with your baby will soon be nothing more than distant memories with a very unique charm. So, here are a few tips for making sure that your memories of Baby Expo’s will be pleasant; and you won’t get carried away and blow your budget!


1. Visit the website of an upcoming expo.

Aim to get an idea of the number of stalls that you can expect, free entertainment that may interest either you or your child and, if there’s a map available online, the layout of the venue. This way, it will be easier to plan your day. Being proactive always pays off, especially if you will be accompanied by a little person who may need the bathroom or a nappy change, or may unexpectedly need to sit and unwind on your lap for a while in a quiet spot, somewhere out of the hussle and bussle.

2. Go with an attitude of engagement.

One of benefits of these events is that they allow parents the opportunity to experience and engage with child related brands upfront and in person. So, go ahead and do so. When a stall catches your eye, stop and ask the person who is manning it to tell you more about what’s on offer. You may even ask where the idea behind a product originated, whether there are similar products on the market and why this one compares favourably with the rest. Exhibitors love answering your questions and asking them will raise the experience to a whole new level for you. You’ll definitely get more out of the day if you’re an active explorer, instead of simply looking from the outside in like a window shopper.

3. Take notes.

Many of the products at these events are unique and not easily found in your local shopping mall, so it’s exciting to accept heaps of pamphlets. But let’s face it – who actually has the time to look at them afterwards? So, help yourself and type the website addresses of your 5 or 6 favourite products into the notepad on your cell phone. Then, when you have a peaceful moment, simply click on the links and visit the websites to refresh your memory and browse a bit.

4. Be practical as you make buying decisions.

Don’t spend too much time and energy on products that simply don’t resonate with you from the word go. And, when you do stumble on a possible investment, try to think along the lines of how that product will make your life easier. Will it save you time? Maybe bring a smile to your face on a regular basis for many years to come? And, with regards to being financially responsible, bear in mind that a product with a R50 price tag that will be used once or twice is actually much more expensive than something that costs R500, if that second product will be used 500 times!

5. Take pictures.

It seems unnecessary to remind anyone with a cell phone and an Instagram account to take pictures, but when we’re busy, we forget. And the whimsical background and childlike atmosphere of these shows typically provide the perfect backdrop for the most gorgeous pictures.

6. Go with tickets and a well-stocked bag.

Buy your tickets online ahead of time so that you don’t need to stand in queues when you get there. Also, don’t forget to pack a favourite toy and comforting snacks for your child; you never know what will be available on the culinary front. And sometimes, amid lots of new sights and sounds, all a child wants is a favourite cuddly toy and the comforting taste of something that’s associated with home.

Oh, the many ironies that we have to deal with as parents!