The Why’s and How’s of Building Emotional Intelligence – Part 4

The Why’s and How’s of Building Emotional Intelligence – Part 4


How does the Practica Programme support parents in building EQ?


Well, most importantly, we make it possible for parents to start early. If you’re reading this newsletter as a Practica Parent, the good news is that there are age-appropriate games in the Practica Parents’ Guides for every age group from birth to 7 years of age. For babies and toddlers, you’ll find them under the heading “Emotional Development” and from 2 years of age, you’ll find them right at the end of every year group, under the heading “EQ Programme”.

Having this resource is precious beyond words. In the words of Frederick Douglas, “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”


Why is it crucial to nurture EQ at home?


Ask any psychologist and he’ll agree: the voice of the parent eventually becomes the child’s inner voice. Not the voices of his teachers, nor his friends, nor that of a random face on a television screen.

It’s your voice that your child will hear in the silent corners of his mind even after you’re no longer alive. If you invest the time now, you will be there one day, inside his head, helping him to be aware of his feelings and guiding him to manage them confidently. And he will know that he’s okay; he will survive the day and anything that the world may throw at him.


As always, it is true that parents who know better do better.