4 Reasons Why Playful Parents Raise Smarter Children

4 Reasons Why Playful Parents Raise Smarter Children

Most children spend hours in front of screens every day and teachers do not engage with children like parents do. That’s why parents who play with their children are amazing!

Playing can be free and games can be easy and short, but the rewards of playing at home are great and many.

1.Children who practise their skills at home develop a head start.

They are better at expressing themselves and at solving problems. Playing together for only 20 minutes a day makes a huge difference!

2. Playing at home teaches children how to act around people.

Popular children learn more because other children play with them and adults enjoy spending time with them and teaching them things.

3. Playful parents see their children as they succeed and fail.

That’s great as every child needs a parent to teach them how to deal with frustration and to muster the courage to try again.

4. Games teach children to apply their minds and get things done.

Playing together is excellent for developing concentration skills.


In short, playful parents raise smarter children who are also happier. 20 minutes of play per day can change the world!