6 Ways to Help your Child Learn More as you Read.

6 Ways to Help your Child Learn More as you Read.

When a child is between 3 and 7 years of age, he learns new words by hearing an unfamiliar word, discovering its meaning and then using it. Researchers say the best quality words and expressions are found in books. But some children learn less than others when their parents read to them.

To make sure your child remembers as much as possible when you read, you can ask yourself 6 questions that will reveal if you’re doing it right.

1. Do you re-read books until your child knows them well?

Repetition comforts children and helps them to learn more.

2. Do you describe the meaning of new words as you go along?

You can explain simply and ask questions to see if he understands.

3. Do you scan a book for new words before you read it to him?

That way you’ll be ready to discuss new words and have more fun.

4. Do you involve your child by talking about the illustrations?

When you ask what he sees and thinks, he will apply his mind.

5. Do you make a mental note of the new words he is learning?

That way you’ll be able to repeat target words in everyday life.

6. Do you and your child make a game of retelling stories?

It’s a clever way to get him to hear and practise his new words.