Why it Helps to Think of Parenting as a Three-Wheeler: Part 2

Why it Helps to Think of Parenting as a Three-Wheeler: Part 2


Practica Parenting Wheel #1: The Parent as Manager.

Having a devil-may-care attitude simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to parenting. At least, not if you want to raise a happy and successful child and survive with your marbles intact.

Survivor parents can be found in different cultures, income brackets and social classes, but regardless of background or creed, where you see a functional family, at least one of the parents is a fairly good manager. That means that he or she has a proactive attitude towards life in general and towards parenting in particular.


Good managers think ahead, and they create order. 

That’s why these parents typically come up with a daily routine that serves the family. They also make healthier food and lifestyle choices, organize their home so that everything has a place and put effort into involving members of the household (children included) to help keep things tidy.


They don’t manage their children’s behaviour on the spur of the moment. 

Instead, they make decisions about what will be regarded as acceptable or unacceptable in their household. And, when they have buy-in from other caregivers, they communicate their expectations clearly and in a supportive way to their children.

After doing that, they act predictably and fairly consistent as they uphold the standards that they have set.

Blog 1In case you were sceptical about whether doing these seemingly basic things really does earn you a substantial number of points on the good parenting scale – you’ll be encouraged to know that many researchers have, in fact, invested time and effort looking into these variables.

And, the verdict? They say proactive parents consistently get better results: they raise children who develop far better, are much more socially adept, happier, and less likely to rebel. (Here’s one of the many studies on the subject.)

In other words, the pointers in this post are really worth sharing and worth paying close attention to.

So, there you go.

Happy planning!






*Note: This is the second in a series of four short weekly posts. If you didn’t get to read the first one, click here. I will be sharing handy facts and tips about “The Parent as Teacher” and “The Parent as Supporter” over the next two weeks.

Written by Lizette van Huyssteen (Founder of the Practica Program and Head of the Practica Advisory Service)

Parents who know better, do better.