Why it Helps to Think of Parenting as a Three-Wheeler: Part 3

Why it Helps to Think of Parenting as a Three-Wheeler: Part 3

Practica Parenting Wheel #2: The Parent as Teacher.

Effective parents instinctively know that young children need plenty of one-on-one attention for them to flourish.

Recent research findings confirm that children who have more one-on-one conversations with loving adults develop brain wiring that makes them more reactive to language, and this makes them smarter in many ways. (Read about the study here.)

We’re not saying that every parent needs to home-school.

We’re just saying that parents have a unique and essential role to play.

A group of children can spend 6 years attending the same day-care centre and pre-school where they share the exact same experiences and have the same excellent teachers, but the ones whose parents play with them, talk to them often and teach them fun things after school and over weekends, will develop better by leaps and bounds.

When children get more input from parents, they do better in IQ tests, EQ tests and in the sports arena.

They are also more confident from a young age. Why? Well, for starters, children notice when their parents teach them valuable things through play at home that other children don’t get at school.

They also learn unique social and emotional lessons at home.

Children learn valuable skills that prepare them for leadership when they play one-on-one games with their parents at home. This is mainly because parents love children more unconditionally, and so they’re more real and expressive when they’re around them.

And, of course, a parent can stop and focus on a child to help him with his emotions and get back on track when he is not winning, is frustrated or not interested in being a team player.

The Practica Programme provides parents with a comprehensive and organized structure.

If you have invested in a programme, I hope this article reaffirms that you’ve made an excellent decision.

*Note: This is the third in a series of four short weekly posts. If you didn’t get to read the first one, click here. I will be sharing handy facts and tips about “The Parent as Teacher” and “The Parent as Supporter” over the next two weeks.

Written by Lizette van Huyssteen (Founder of the Practica Program and Head of the Practica Advisory Service)

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